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Pickwings sustainably reduces empty kilometres on Swiss roads

Less CO2, NOx and fine dust

2 Mio+
empty kilometres saved
Less empty runs on our roads. One in four trucks is driving empty.

Get the Green Transport Label for your company now!

The «Green Transport Label» is an award for companies that made a significant contribution to the reduction of CO2 emissions within one year by organising their transport with the help of minimising empty kilometres on Swiss roads. The commitment is based on the percentage of consignments calculated by the company as well as their saving of empty kilometres, which were carried out by the transport orders in the Pickwings network.

By organising the transport of goods through Pickwings, participating companies make an active contribution to a transparent and sustainable transport solution on Swiss roads. They do this by not handing over their transport orders in a 1:1 processing to selected service providers, but by feeding them into a public transport network of transport service providers who, with the help of the technology developed by Pickwings, can actively save empty kilometres on their truck tours when carrying out these orders.

The «Green Transport Label» was initiated in Switzerland in 2019 by the transport portal Pickwings.ch. With this type of transport organisation, manufacturing and trading companies are making a valuable contribution to UN sustainability goal no. 13 'Measures for climate protection'. As a visible sign of their commitment as well as their public obligation, companies may use the «Green Transport Label» to differentiate themselves from the competition.

One award for you -
A benefit for everybody