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Guidelines for empty container management

Pickwings AG only accepts pallets for exchange that comply with the guidelines of the European standard EPAL (www.epal.ch) and bear the defined brand (the same regulation also applies to pallet frames and pallet lids). All other pallets are accepted but not exchanged (e.g. disposable pallets, defective pallets). The regulation of 1:1 exchange as defined in the transport sector applies in accordance with EPAL guidelines.

If the empty containers cannot be exchanged by the consignee on delivery, a freight charge based on the tax weight (plus any additional services) will be invoiced for the separate collection at the agreed customer conditions. It is the client's responsibility to contractually oblige his customers or consignees to make the appropriate exchange.

Empty containers that are not returned will be invoiced to the client (consignor) after 30 days at the following rates invoiced:

- EUR palletCHF 25.00 per piece
- EUR frameCHF 70.00 per piece
- EUR coverCHF 25.00 per piece

All further regulations on empty container management in the Terms and Conditions of Pickwings AG.